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Help Deanna

On the evening of 10/21our beautiful Deanna was hit head on by a drunk driver in a pick up truck on her way home from the restaurant. She is banged up pretty bad. She had to be air lifted to Cooper and admitted to the trama unit. She has A Liver laceration, her nose is fractured in 2 places, her cheeks are fractured, her left femur is fractured in 3 places, her right tibia has a compound fracture and her collar bone is fractured as well.
She went into surgery at 3am and was done in 3 1/2 hours. All things considered it went very well. Her femur is repaired with a rod. Her tibia is temporarily placed because they have to go back in in a couple days and clean the wound where her bone broke through. It’s then that they will decide if they’re going to operate on her broken collarbone or not.
Through all of this Deanna has remained in very good spirits. She has shown her true amazing colors and impressed every fireman, police officer, EMT, nurse and doctor with her incredible charm. Every person I spoke with made sure I knew how amazing she was.
Please keep her in your prayers as she will have a long recovery ahead of her.

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Tacos Lunch Special


Tacos Lunch Special

Includes a choice of drink. Three per order. Choice of protein: al pastor, chipotle chicken, chorizo, seasoned steak with sautéed onions, shrimp or grilled fish, topped with cilantro, onions, lime, arbol pepper hot sauce, guacamole hot sauce and served with your choice of two sides.



BIRRIA TACOS (3 per order)

A traditional an addictive sweet, sour, slightly spicy, and utterly savory Mexican beef stew that’s slow cooked until the brisket is tender and fall-apart juicy and delicious. Served with side of au jus to dip in




A corn tortilla filled with a chicken and potato filling, fried to perfection and served with a cream of cilantro sauce.




All of our delicious sides, black beans, corn, rice, shredded cheese and pico de gallo along with your choice of protein: al pastor, chipotle chicken, chorizo, seasoned steak with sautéed onions or shrimp, stuffed and rolled into a large flour tortilla, grilled to perfection, and served with your choice of two sides.

At Julio’s Mexican Cuisine, we’re making things fresh to order for your enjoyment. Fill the void in your stomach with tacos, quesadillas, and even homemade empanadas filled with beef for a surefire way to satisfy your inner carnivore. But that’s not all. Julio’s Mexican Cuisine has a homemade churro on board, along with Jarrito’s to wash it all down. Oh, and nachos. And honestly too much to list out here. You’ll just have to check out Julio’s Mexican Cuisine in Vineland to get some, or have ’em bring it all to your next event. It’s high time you spice things up in your eating routine, and Julio’s is just the ticket.

What are Birria Tacos?


  • Birria taco, Julio's on Main, Vineland New Jersey’s 31 greatest tacos, ranked

13. Birria tacos, Julio’s on Main, Vineland New Jersey, and apparently the rest of the nation, cannot get enough birria tacos. Braised meat topped with Oaxacan cheese, cilantro, white onions and lime make for a hearty handful.

  • Where can you get birria Tacos in South Jersey

Where can you get birria Tacos in South Jersey?

If you haven't caught on yet, there's a birria taco movement that's sweeping the nation. It's become one of the hottest food trends, gaining popularity online through TikTok and Instagram. But for some restaurants

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Tuesday – Friday 12 to 2
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served with a drink
$2 Taco Tuesday all day
$2 Chicken, Beef, or Guacamole Empanadas
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